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All the shit that don't fit
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This is, as the name states, for the shit that don't fit in brutal_honesty. Bring us your stories, your little embarrassments and “oh fuck, if only the earth would open up and swallow me now” moments, your rants, raves and other assorted stories you want to share to add amusement to our collective day. Create your wildest shower-nozzle masturbation fantasy or the letter that never got sent to penthouse (but should have been) and see if you can convince us it's true. Post pix if you have them a (someone will ask).

Tell us a story. Make it entertaining.

Posting your stories here opens you up to all kinds of responses. Someone may hurt your e-feelings. Be prepared. If someone fucks with you and you want to complain, e-mail. IF you engage the person, you are on your own.

The Rules-

Do not delete posts or comments! Do not disable or screen comments in your post! Contact me if you want something deleted. If you break this rule, someone may post a screencap so we can all point and laugh.
Don't troll people's personal journals.
You must be at least 18 and your livejournal info must consistently state this.
No matter how stupid or otherwise lulz worthy, no posting locked posts elsewhere.

You know, all those things the lj TOS tells you not to do.

The info on this page is under construction. Feel free to suggest additions.