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First one of two for you

(recently posted in my journal)

Found out this weekend that one of my ex roommates died.
Iwon't really say "roommate", he only lived with me for two weeks beforeI kicked him out, and it doesn't catch me off guard or make me sad likehearing about someone dying usually does, because this guy had atremendous ton of bad karma built up (he knew it) and he lived lifedangerously.

I took in a female roommate, after my step-sistermoved out of my apartment, years ago, by the name of Keyana. She waspretty sweet. She didn't have a job, so I was letting her get on herfeet - but she always cooked and cleaned everything (not a badarrangement for rent free living).

Keyana asked if her friendMike could come stay with us for a few weeks. I didn't have a problem.Although, Mike definitely had his difficulties.

He was, forthe most part, quadripeligic. He had limited use of his arms, but hishands weren't capable of gripping most things unless he manipulated hisarms a certain way.
Stuck in a wheelchair, forced to use a catheter,smoked like a chimney and he watched a lot of Discovery Channel andscience shows.

During this time, I exercised a lot less judgmentthan i probably should have, but this was during my weedsmoking/x-rolling/shroom tripping days. I came home one day, to findMike, Keyana, and a few other people, chopping up stuff on the coffeetable. What I saw was about 6 inches by 4 inches by 3 inches high - abrick of crystal meth. P2P, Mike called it. They bagged it up, then theguys took him around to make deliveries.

I probably should have voiced my objections then.

Inthe next few days, when I would come home, I would find people in myapartment that looked like Sam Elliott (in entirely too much leather),and a couple of Danny Trejo - looking types. HA's and Banditos up in myapartment - that didn't make me feel too comfortable.

I hadheard around the grapevine about what happened to Mike, but I asked himabout it, and he said that he had been an asshole and karma decided topay him back. He had told me one time that it probably had a bit morepaying back to do though.
Mike was a huge bully in his high school,known for terrorizing and beating the shit out of people. From the taleI heard, one day, he went back and decided to fuck with some kid he hadpreviously beat the shit out of, when the scared kid pulled a gun onMike. Mike got cocky, got in his face, asked what the fuck he was goingto do, and got answered by two bullets impacting his c-somethingvertebrae.

A week later, Keyana's birthday came. To this point,nobody had been tweaking. He hooked her up with some on her birthday.Then the day after...and the day after that. (it didn't occur to me atthe time why she was getting hooked up). I noticed the house startedgetting raunchier and raunchier (during these times, I was working onAustin2Nite, and spent most of my time wholed up in my room when I wasnot at work). The kitchen started turning into a sty, and the placestarted to smell.

I asked Keyana one day if she was going totake care of this, and she snapped. By snapped, she went insane. Shewent on an insane bitching tirade, freaking out on me, because Iexpected her to clean the house. And I could see from the way she wasgoing off, that in a matter of days, Mike had turned a really sweetgirl into a crackhead.

I finally regained my judgment, and toldthem both "You've got to get the hell up outta here. I knew better, Ishould've known better, I should've put my foot down, and that wasstupid on my part. But no more, not in my house". He understood, andthey left quietly the next day, no hard feelings they promised.

Iheard from her a year later. She moved way up north, and got involvedwith the church. She had let herself spiral out of control (it got muchworse after she left) and she was finally getting her life back ontrack.

Never heard from Mike again.

I found it hard toreally pass judgment on the man. Wheelchair bound the rest of yourlife, forced to piss out of a catheter, no real family to take care ofyou, and your mind is the only playground you have left. Hell, I'd befucked up too. Drugs were probably the only way Mike could keep"friends" and girls in his life, and it was probably either that orchoke on a bullet (in some other form)

So,the other night, at the party, this guy who reminds me of the big dudefrom New Jack City, and I are talking. It seems we know some people incommon. I ask him about Mike, and he laughs, talking about how Mikeused to beat his ass and terrorize him when he was little. Then hementions something about it being a shame what happened to him. RIPMike.

What happened to Mike, I ask?

Told me that someoneliving with Mike went psychotic, something about getting screwed overor something. The guy told me he killed Mike's girlfriend in front ofhim, and then, ranting and raving, finally killed Mike. Said heprobably fucked with him a bit first. Asked me if I could imagine theterror, of having some guy, run around psychotic, having just killedyour girlfriend, and you can't run, hide, or defend yourself?

Mike knew karma wasn't through with him yet, but holy shit, what a fucking horrible way to go.


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Mar. 26th, 2007 11:16 pm (UTC)

Mar. 27th, 2007 12:28 am (UTC)
Holy shit! That is an amazing story. If what happened to him was indeed karmic retribution, I don't think I want to imagine what he did to people that he didn't tell you about.
Mar. 27th, 2007 12:34 am (UTC)
Poor girl friend, I would hate tosee my man get killedin front of me no matter what the drama was.
Good to see you're getting outand about.
Mar. 27th, 2007 06:52 am (UTC)
man, that is why meth scares the shit out of me.

i hope you post here often. i love your stories.
Mar. 27th, 2007 01:23 pm (UTC)
This was a pretty good story. That is an absolutely terrifying thought, too.

But lord, man. Get your spacebar fixed. =P
Apr. 29th, 2007 02:59 am (UTC)
Awesome post, man.
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