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I went to Hemet to visit an old acquaintance two days ago. It was someone I knew in high school, we were both on the swim team. I still keep in touch but not often. Our lives have taken very different paths.

He's a small time dealer, mostly pot.
As for me, I haven't done drugs since college. I always promote a healthy lifestyle. I'm straighter than a straight edge. I don't drink alcohol, I'm allergic. I limit my refined sugar, I exercise, etc.... You get the idea.

I have a small packet with white powder stashed in my purse right now. I don't know what I should do with it.

I guess my brutal honesty is, I would never have even considered doing drugs before, but reading other people's LJ journals has gotten me curious.

I'm not going to say what it is, in case Big Brother is watching.

license to breed - revoked

so i have two boys. the older is turning 4, the younger is turning 1 in august.

my older son has eaten a penny (surgically removed, it got stuck), eaten crazy glue (don't ever worry if this happens, the stuff solidifies upon contact with saliva and is nontoxic), almost drowned (beach, stepped into a sinkhole i was right there), broken his arm (jumping off a chair), and gotten a concussion (jumping off steps). tonight he fractured his elbow (jumping off the couch). i feel i should also mention he's broken my nose and is usually head to toe bruises.

First one of two for you

(recently posted in my journal)

Found out this weekend that one of my ex roommates died.
Iwon't really say "roommate", he only lived with me for two weeks beforeI kicked him out, and it doesn't catch me off guard or make me sad likehearing about someone dying usually does, because this guy had atremendous ton of bad karma built up (he knew it) and he lived lifedangerously.

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